California is enlightenment. Perry and I decided that we are going to California no matter what the fuck mom and dad say. August 1st – August 18th we will be living like bums on the west coast. Meeting face, doing artz, and skatin’ so fuckin’ hardcore. With this enlightenment I realized that plane tickets are expensive. So while I sit here at O3world at my desk, I realized that I can no longer purchase the wonderful $6-12 lunch in northern liberties anymore.

On the way to work, my dedication to this money saving enlightenment showed. I bought a loaf of whole wheat bread (the cheapest I could find), nutella, and a jar of Peter Pan Honey-Roasted Chunky peanut butter. These things/water/coffee, will be what I will be living on until California. I know not many people read this, but I’ll make you st00f for money.

Graphics/simple or advanced web-pages/coding/whatevers/deck-staining. Just hit me up.

Also I decided that I would make something remotely cool (you are to judge), everyday of the week. So czech back for that on the daily along with your picture/vid dosage.



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